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The headlines:
The Band was the icing on the cake! 
One More Song!
Dream Come True 
Truly 'the best thing'
The most fabulous band... 
Our Band for our wedding, was AWESOME!! 
Amazing Wedding Band! 
Incredible music from an incredible band! 
Central Park is THE BEST! 
An Absolute MUST-
They Rocked!!! 
When you want the best... 
Absolutely the Best! 

Truly 'the best thing'... posted 12/3/2010
Central Park Orchestra was absolutely incredible!! Bill and his band certainly exceeded all of our expectations – from the ceremony, to the cocktail party and then onto the dance floor… and EVERYONE was on the dance floor! One piece of advice – expand your dance floor if possible! We did and CPO definitely filled the added space with our guests! Not only can they read the crowd perfectly, but their song list is exceptional… they can play everything! What is even more special is that they will learn songs that they may not know and play them seamlessly. However, the best part is that they truly sound authentic for each and every song! It is very difficult to find that but CPO was everything that we asked for. Additionally, my husband and I could not have been more pleased with the personal attention that Bill gave us leading up to the wedding and the day of was just amazing. Bill was truly committed and really listened to us in order to personalize our song list. Our guests are STILL talking about our band… Bill, Michael and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making our wedding day the best day of our lives. We can’t wait to be at a future event (hopefully at one of our friend’s weddings) where you will be rocking out!!! xox – Heather and Michael
Value – 5 Stars Service – 5 Stars Quality – 5 Stars
(Heather Luke-Detmer 8/1/10)

The Band was the icing on the cake! posted 11/18/2010
Truly an amazing and professional band. Bill worked with us in detail to understand our tastes and get down a playlist. The delivery/perfomance was amazing (and I'm a performing musician so maybe a bit demanding as well). The singers and musicians were exceptional. Also, the acoustics were great - it was not too loud but just right for dancing and entertaining the entire crowd. Bill is a consummate professional and knew just how to work with our wedding coordinator to structure the events -- the introductions, the toasts, the cake-cutting. As a result, it was truly a stress free night for us where we could relax and enjoy it.
Value – 5 Stars Service – 5 Stars Quality – 5 Stars
(Jamie Mitchell) 10/3/10

One more song! posted 12/1/2010
Central Park Orchestra performed at our July 2010 wedding. They absolutely exceeded all of my expectations! My husband and I are huge fans of live music and Central Park Orchestra brought such a genuine soulful vibe to our celebration. Bill worked with us to learn our likes and dislikes and incorporated such range into the performance that all age groups felt included. Our guests were having such a great time that they were chanting for one more song when the evening had ended and of course, Central Park Orchestra delivered!
Value – 5 Stars Service – 5 Stars Quality – 5 Stars
(Diana Kohtio 7/30/10)

An Absolute MUST- posted 12/2/2010
I didn't even have to think about what band to choose for my October 9, 2010 wedding. The choice was clear- Central Park Orchestra. After a stellar performance at my older sister's wedding 4 years ago, I knew that they were the best around. During my sisters wedding on a terribly stormy October day, Bill and Central Park Orchestra entertained the crowd through a power outage- continuing to sing acoustically- truly a memory I will never forget. Their song list is unbelievable, yet they still managed to learn and perfect a relatively unknown song that my father had chosen for our father daughter dance- and it sounded incredible. Bill honored our song requests, and put together a great mix keeping our party rocking, while managing to include the slower songs we wanted. This band really is something special- and they are superbly talented. I can't say enough about CPO, and neither can my wedding guests. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!
Value – 5 Stars Service – 5 Stars Quality – 5 Stars
(Diana Langenbach 10/9/10)

When you want the best... posted 12/2/2010
The title says it all. Central Park Orchestra exceeded all of our expectations. They provided a string quartet for cocktail hour and a 12-piece band for our reception. They nailed it. Our guests were blown away by the music selection; the way they kept the dance floor filled ALL NIGHT and the variety of music they played. They tailor-made the music selection to our exact specification and read the crowds mood perfectly. Central Park orchestras were extremely professional and really made our evening. As the Toyota commercials used to say, "who could ask for anything more" summarizes our overall impression of this band. You can get no better. Just look at their website for the places and locations they have played and the clientele they have played for. % STARS!!! Thank you Bill for making our wedding night we will never forget! Sincerely, Robert and Jen
Value – 5 Stars Service – 5 Stars Quality – 5 Stars
(Robert Holmes 9/5/09)

Dream Come True posted 11/21/2010 
A castle, our wedding, unforgettable music....what more can a bride ask for? I knew I wanted CPO to play at my wedding when I attended a bridal show where they were featured. They were incredible! July 28th 2010 was our special day...but up to that time, I met with Bill Morgan (band leader) several times to plan the event. Boy is he calm! Bill always had a confident charge of the situation and was attentive in answering all my questions - by phone, e-mail or in person.... attention to detail was clearly very important to him. I hired CPO to do my entire event including strings, piano and flute for the ceremony, strings for the cocktail hour and a 9 piece band for the reception. CPO also provided a latin component to the many pieces I requested, as part of my heritage is Colombian; many of our guests came up to NY from South America. They REALLY got the "sound" of all the folkloric songs right on! Simply put, - their professionalism, talent, and courtesy was really more than we could ask for. CPO WAS a part of our wedding that simply made our special day unforgettable! Hands down, no question, I would hire them again in a hearbeat!
Value – 5 Stars Service – 5 Stars Quality – 5 Stars
(Michele Conlon-Fini) 7/28/10

Absolutely the Best! posted 12/2/2010
Central Park Orchestra was amazing!!! They got the party off to a rocking start from the first song to the last. The dance floor was full all night, exactly how we wanted it. Bill and his band were able to read the crowd and played an awesome selection of music. We had tons of guests come up to us to let us know that The Central Park Orchestra was the best wedding band they had ever heard! I have already had requests to share their info for two friend's wedding. They were so professional and made the whole process seamless and so enjoyable. I would highly recommend them to everyone!
Value – 5 Stars Service – 5 Stars Quality – 5 Stars
(Meghan Ogrudek 9/25/10)

The most fabulous band... posted 11/19/2010
Not only did this band keep the guests on the dance floor throughout the entire evening, they learned a unique song to be played while we cut the cake after we requested it just days before the wedding! They were fabulous... My guests are still talking about them months after the wedding!
Value – 5 Stars Service – 5 Stars Quality – 5 Stars
(Jolie Bodner) 8/7/10

Our Band for our wedding, was AWESOME!! posted 11/23/2010
Our dance floor was packed all night long. They play such great songs for all age groups. And really play for the crowd. I would highly recommend them! They are also so nice and considerate. Everyone kept coming up to us all night long saying...."WOW...your band is awesome"!
Value – 5 Stars Service – 5 Stars Quality – 5 Stars
(Louisa DelGadio 10/10/10)

Incredible music from an incredible band! posted 11/24/2010
We were so pleased with the performance and professionalism of this band on our wedding day. They were extremely versatile and were able to maintain a constant flow of energy for the entire night. They solidified the perfect wedding day for us with their amazing talented musicians and vocalists, and managed to put a perfect touch of class on the entire evening. Our guests continuously commented on how good the band was throughout the evening (and still talk about them when we discuss the wedding.) During one song during dinner, a guest looked over at the keyboard player playing a solo thinking it was the actual recording being played (by the way, these guys do not stop playing so no recorded music. There was continuous live music being played.) By the end of the night, my feet were tired from dancing so much. Also, they were very organized and helped plan exactly what we wanted leading up to the wedding day. Their music selection throughout the night was just awesome. Highly recommend these guys.
Value – 5 Stars Service – 5 Stars Quality – 5 Stars (Peggy Collins 7/10/10)

Amazing Wedding Band! posted 11/24/2010
My husband and I had the time of our lives at our wedding and we owe that to an amazing band that led the party till 1 am! We were on the dance floor laughing, singing and having a ball with all of our friends and family! Bill understands what to play at all times! Highlights include - Don't Stop Believin by Journey, Midnight Train to Georgia and a rousing rendition of Bon Jovi classics! It is hard to know what to tell a band when you just like "great music that you can dance all night long to" but Bill was able to take that message and make our wedding spectacular!
Value – 5 Stars Service – 5 Stars Quality – 5 Stars
(Pamela Kournetas 5/15/10)

Central Park is THE BEST! posted 11/27/2010
Friends and family are still raving about their performance during our May wedding. A polished, professional and sophisticated group, Central Park was the best choice we made when planning our wedding. Thank you Central Park!!!
Value – 5 Stars Service – 5 Stars Quality – 5 Stars
(Annie Howley 5/21/10)

They Rocked!!! posted 11/28/2010
Central Park Orchestra played at my wedding in October and they were phenomenal! We had a saxophone player and piano player play during our cocktail hour which added such a nice ambiance and the band for the reception. The dance floor was packed and going crazy all night, everyone had such a great time!! Every person I have spoken with since the wedding has mentioned how great our band was and that they were the best band they have heard at a wedding! They band even took the time to learn a couple songs that we had requested to hear which made the night even more special! We couldn't be happier with our choice of hiring Central Park for our wedding, I would recommend them to any bride looking for a great time at their reception! :)
Value – 5 Stars Service – 5 Stars Quality – 5 Stars
(Kimberly Alloggio 10/15/10)

Amazing! posted 11/23/2010
We used this band for our wedding and they were amazing. We were so pleased and received so many compliments on the music.
Value – 5 Stars Service – 5 Stars Quality – 5 Stars
(Lisa Lauri 3/26/10)

The following are personal emails sent along with the above reviews:

Hi Bill -
well, my apologies in advance. I will be getting my pics (I was married July 28th at Oheka) soon...can you believe it? I've been so incredibly busy I can't tell you.
You and your band learned a song that I requested for my husband, Bryan Adams "When a man loves a woman" - Rob & I waltzed to it impromptu by ourselves on the dance floor.....I didn't know you were going to be able to honor this request, but he recognized the song the minute you started playing it - and he took me by the hand - we excused ourselves from our guests and it was wonderful! All I saw was him! This dance was not planned.....I'm hoping my videographers caught it on tape....
I will send a few pics when I get them.....but yes, you all are simply the best!
Many warm wishes to you and your family for Thanksgiving and the Christmas holiday!
Michele Conlon - Fini 

Hi Bill,

I have been meaning to email you, we still are settling back in from the wedding! We wanted to thank you and the rest of the band so much for rocking all night long at our wedding!! The dance floor was bumping all night, you all did such a great job of keeping everyone up there! Every person I have talked to since the wedding has mentioned how amazing our band was! They all said you were the best band they had ever heard at a wedding! We are soo happy with how the night turned out, you guys are so talented! We appreciate that you learning a few songs we had requested, that made the night really special! We will be sure to pass your name along to everyone we know getting married or having a special event!

I believe I had reviewed your band on but I will definitely go on the Knot and do the same, your band deserves it!

Thanks Again!
Kimberly & Christopher Yakuboff